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Eras of Arda is a Minecraft project to make an addon to Mevans' Lord of the Rings Mod set in the First Age of Arda. This submod contains a new map displaying the lands of Arda, new textures to enhance the experience, as well as new factions, structures, mobs, and items.

This wiki will document the new content for the First Age submod. Information on unaltered default LOTRMod content can be found on the Lord of the Rings Mod Wiki.

To explore the content available in the mod, take a look at the following links:

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Use of the Submod

You are permitted to use this submod in singleplayer, but not to create servers.



FA Mod coder:

We are very satisfied with our current Team, please do not ask to become a Staff-Member! Any open positions can be found on our discord!

Terms of Use

In 2016 the Eras of Arda team requested and acquired approval from Mevans, author and owner of the Lord of the Rings mod for Minecraft (LOTRmod), to create submods for First and Second Age servers, to create submods in for server worlds by overriding or even modifying parts of the LOTRmod that code for a.o. (non-exclusive list!): map, biomes, faction alignments, textures and texts.
The EoA team is honoured to have the opportunity to create FA and SA submods and wishes to express our determination to set the same high standards for our mod development as used and carried out by the LOTRmod mod team. We intend to ensure that any modifications we implement in the submods will minimally conflict with planned features of the LOTRmod, and that gameplay wise, the submods will not or only to very limited extent differ from the LOTRmod.
We hope, but not expect, that our efforts to create FA and SA worlds will be appreciated by Mevans and his mod team, and at some point may lead to exchange of ideas and features with respect to FA and SA LOTRmod creation.
The SA and FA submods and servers are created and developed by the Eras of Arda team. Any part of their publications may not be used in any sort, other than singleplayer Minecraft worlds, without the explicit approval of the Owner of the Eras of Arda server(s). 

Special Thanks

A big thanks to our primary Modders, Valiec, for creating the modded LOTRmod, and Timgodreuil, for creating a special serverside mod for us for our (now-closed) server!

In addition to this, a huge thanks to PredatorFish|Commander Jack, _Devil, High King Ithilion, Calanon Evergreen, Faenor of the Silver Laurel, Mythrandir01, AlteOgre and Mr_Dalek for supplying us with some of the many custom textures. Missing your name from this list? Contact AragornTelcontar via Discord.

We would also like to give our thanks to the LotR mod team, for helping us through this process.

A massive thanks to the creators of this community, PredatorFish, also known as BronnBlackwater and PredatorWhale also known as CptArthos. We truly thank them for what they've done for us and this community.

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