The Dwarves of Nogrod are proud people of the Khazad-Khagal. They are, like most dwarves, excellent miners and buildiers, having helped Thingol build Menegroth together with their kin in Belegost.

...and southward was delved Tumunzahar, by the Elves named Nogrod, the Hollowbold.

Quenta Silmarillion, Of the Sindar


Nogrod is one of the two great dwarven cities of the Ered Luin. It is situated in the depths of the Ered Luin, where the first Broadbeams and Firebeards awoke long ago. The smiths of Nogrod are known to be bested by none in the arts of forging chainmail, and subsequently became known as the greatest smiths in Beleriand.

The people of Nogrod, along with their kin in Belegost, helped in the construction of Menegroth, the Thousand Caves. In return, they were given pearls found in the shallow waters of the Bay of Balar. Even though these pearls were found aplenty in those waters, the Dwarves had never seen their like and valued them above all else.

Nogrod is ruled by Naldri, known as Firebeard amongst his people, a fearsome red-bearded Dwarf with a temper as hot as his forge. He has ruled Nogrod for fourty-five years, since the death of his grandfather Torrak the Old.


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