The Kingdom of Nargothrond is a hidden Noldorin kingdom in the banks of the river Narog. It is ruled by Finrod Felagund, but the area was originally inhabited by Petty-dwarves (and called by them Nulukkizdîn) before the Noldor drove them out.

Thus Finrod came to the Caverns of Narog, and began to establish there deep halls and armouries after the fashion of the mansions of Menegroth; and that stronghold was called Nargothrond.

Quenta Silmarillion, of the Return of the Noldor


Nargothrond is the hidden stronghold of Finrod Felagund, delved deep into the western banks of the river Narog. The secret dwelling was delved by the Dwarves of the Ered Luin and the Elves of Finrod, after Finrod had seen the beauty of Menegroth. Finrod compensated the Dwarves for their work through great jewels and other crafts of the Noldor, for he was said to have been the one to have brought the most riches out of Aman of all the Princes of the Noldor. It was then they forged for him the Nauglamír, and gave him the famous epessë (or epithet) Felagund, Hewer of Caves in their language. The area around Nargothrond as well as the caves the kingdom was built in were originally inhabited by the Petty-dwarves. However, after wanting to settle in the area, the Noldor drove them away and the Petty-dwarves have hated all Elves, especially the Noldor, ever after.

Finrod Felagund, son of Finarfin, ruled Nargothrond from its founding. He is known as a brave and kind prince, cheerful yet thoughtful and righteous by all standards. While rarely engaging the forcces of Morgoth in open battle, the Elves of Nargothrond will usually rather attack their foes via skirmishes and ambushes in the lands surrounding the river Narog and the forest of Taur-en-Faroth.

Faction Information

Nargothrond is ruled by Finrod Felagund, (AKA endertortoise). He is currently building the city of Nargothrond in an undisclosed location within the Nargothrond biomes in the Andram, by the river Narog. For all those wishing to join the faction, either message Finrod in game or message him via Discord (His discord name is '', discord number #7041)

Please note: You will be denied access to the city of Nargothrond unless you are a member of the Nargothrond faction. A very small group of people and characters are exempt from this rule, but you will know whether or not you belong to the aforementioned group.

Any questions can be brought up with Finrod, or failing that, jakub8899 and KillieMiner.

A list of Lore Roles within the Nargothrond Faction

Role Character Info Player IGN (If Taken)
Finrod Lord and King of Nargothrond, the son of Finarfin endertortoise
Angrod Younger brother of Finrod, Lord of Dorthonion and vassal of his brother Finrod.
Aegnor Younger brother of Finrod, Lord of Dorthonion and vassal of his brother Finrod.
Orodreth Son of Angrod, and the Lord of Minas Tirith.
Ereinion Ereinion Gil-galad, son of Orodreth and future High King of the Noldor. Ereinion
Finduilas Daughter of Orodreth and betrothed to Gwindor.
Gwindor Prince of Nargothrond, who is fated to be captured in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Betrothed to Finduilas
Gelmir Prince of Nargothrond, who is fated to be captured in the Dagor Bragollach.
Guilin Father of Gwindor and Gelmir.
Gildor Gildor Inglorion, an elf of the house of Finrod. Most likely a noble of Nargothrond, or one of its vassal states.
Inglor Father of Gildor, also probably a noble of Nargothrond, or one of its vassal states.
Celebrimbor Son of Curufin, who was estranged from his family and lived in Nargothrond.
Edrahil One of the 10 elves who was to accompany Finrod and Beren on the Quest for the Silmaril. He suggested that Finrod appoint a regent in his absence.
Ornil An elf of Nargothrond, who will fight at the battle of Tumhalad.


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