House of Ulfang

Ulfang the Black, was the chieftain of a tribe of Easterlings during the First Age. Ulfang's people came into Beleriand after the Dagor Bragollach. Him and his kin swore allegiance to Caranthir, and proved faithless.

It is told that at this time the Swarthy Men came first into Beleriand. Some were already secretly under the dominion of Morgoth, and came at his call; but not all, for the rumour of Beleriand, of its lands and waters, of its wars and riches, went now far and wide, and the wandering feet of Men were ever set westward in those days. These Men were short and broad, long and strong in the arm, and their hair was as dark as were their eyes. Their houses were many, and some had a greater liking for the Dwarves of the mountains than for the Elves. But Maedhros, knowing the weakness of the Noldor and Edain, whereas the pits of Angband seemed to hold store inexhaustible and ever-renewed, made alliance with these new-come Men and gave his friendship to the greatest of their chieftains, Bór and Ulfang. And Morgoth was well content; for this was as he had designed. The sons of Bór were Borlad, Borlach, and Borthand; and they followed Maedhros and Maglor, and were faithful. The sons of Ulfang the Black were Ulfast, and Ulwarth, and Uldor the accursed; and they followed Caranthir and swore allegiance to him, and were faithless.

The Silmarillion, Of The Ruin of Beleriand

Discovery of the betrayal

Despite secretly plotting a betrayal of the Elves, Ulfang and his sons acted faithful towards the Elves and Edain until their master, Melkor, gave them the order of betrayal. However, whenever Ulfang and his sons would be send out to hunt Orcish scouts they would always return, claiming the scouts had "escaped". Getting suspicious, the House of Bór and Estolad decided to send scouts to keep an eye on the House of Ulfang whenever they would go out "hunting" for Orcish scouting parties. That was when they discovered that rather than hunting down these orcs, Ulfang and his sons would instead give them information and let them go.

Furious of the betrayal, the House of Bór and Estolad planned to punish the House of Ulfang. One day the send a message to Ulfang and his sons, telling them to meet up in Dorthonion as they had important matters to discuss. Unknowing of the plot to punish them, Ulfang and his sons rode off to Dorthonion to meet up with their Mannish allies. Riding through a narrow valley in Dorthonion, the House of Ulfang got ambushed by Estoladrim riders and warriors of House Bór. The House of Ulfang was both unprepared and outnumbered, which led to them being slaughtered rapidly. During the chaos of the ambush, a rider of Estolad came from behind and pierced Ulfang the Black's chest with a lance. Realising that if they stayed much longer, they would get killed as well, the sons of Ulfang decided that their best chance of survival would be to split up and try to escape. They managed to do so, but at a great cost as the majority of their host had been slain by the warriors of Estolad and the House of Bór.

The Cocktails of Lothlann:

The Men of Ulfang are famous for their very potent vodka, making even the strongest of dwarves vomit!

Members of House Ulfang

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"The Wolf pack is ever-howling, ready to take revenge on it's enemies, and spill their blood on a calm night." -kingopai1


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