The Edain of Estolad serve the House of Bëor. They live in a green and fertile land, filled with open plains and horses. For that reason they are excellent riders and dangerous foes on the open battlefields.

Then by the advice of Felagund Bëor gathered all the wandering families and kindreds of his people, and they removed over Gelion, and took up their abode in the lands of Amrod and Amras, upon the east banks of the Celon south of Nan Elmoth, near to the borders of Doriath; and the name of that land thereafter was Estolad, the Encampment

–The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien & Christopher Tolkien


Estolad was a part of the region under the rule of Amrod and Amras. Over time, Men began migrating into Beleriand from the east, and the Elves of Ossiriand forced them to go further, and so they came to the land of Estolad, "The Encampment".

Estolad mainly consists of large green and fertile plains. For that reason many of the locals are farmers - however, it is not unusual to find many horse trainers and breeders around the lands of Estolad, as the large fertile plains are very attractive breeding grounds for the horses of Beleriand, hence why a large population of horses can be found in Estolad. For that reason the Estoladrim are formidable riders, making them very dangerous foes to meet on the open battlefields.

The people of Estolad are part of the House of Bëor.


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On this server, the Men of Estolad use the NPCs, Armor and Equipment of the Rohan faction.

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