House of Hador of Dor-lómin

The Edain of Dor-lómin are noble and honorable Men. They serve the House of Hador and lives within the Ered Withrin next to the Elven kingdom of Hithlum. The land of Dor-lómin was given to them by King Fingolfin of Hithlum.



The people of Dor-lómin are descendants of the House of Hador, previously known as the House of Marach, was one of the branches of Edain who forsook Hildórien for the west where the Sun rose. They were the third and largest house of the Edain to cross the Ered Luin, and dwelled by far the longest of all their kin in Estolad, presumably due to their immense size. They eventually removed to the southern slopes of the Ered Wethrin, and settled there for a time.

It was during the rule of Hador Goldenhead, know as Hador Lórindol by the Elves, that the next major event in the history of the House of Hador took place (Which at that point was still known as the House of Marach). For Hador served his liege Fingolfin long and well, and as a reward for his services Fingolfin gave him Dor-lómin, to be a fiefdom of Hithlum. It was there that Hador would remove his people to, and it was there they would dwell for the remained of the First Age.

Dor-lómin is ruled by Hador Lórindol, son of Hathol, who won the land as a gift from King Fingolfin of Hithlum.


The Land that the House of Hador warden are green fields with woodlands very common among the landscape, the Hills also are homes to many animals like the Great Horned Aurochs and the shy Deer. The Land also contains Villages and Towns made of White Rock, which can be found underground of Dor-lómin. Usually, Soldiers of Dor-lómin patrol the Land for in-wanted visitors such as Angband raiding parties which come by every once and a while. Aside from the rare Angband Orc raiding parties from the North, the Land is quite peaceful.

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