House of Haleth (Brethil)

The Edain of Brethil are formidable archers. They live in the woods and are usually known to skirmish and ambush orcs and hostiles rather than meeting the enemy on open field. The Men of Brethil serve the House of Haleth. new lands they went back to their old life as best they could; and they dwelt in free homesteads in the woods of Talath Dirnen beyond Teiglin, and some wandered far into the realm of Nargothrond. But there were many who loved the Lady Haleth and wished to go wither she would, and dwell under her rule; and these ishe led into the Forest of Brethil, between Teiglin and Sirion. Thither in the evil days that followed many of her scattered folk returned.

Quenta Silmarillion, Of the Coming of Men into the West


Brethil is inhabited by the House of Haleth. It is the second house of the Edain to cross the Ered Luin. Unlike the House of Bëor before them, the House of Haleth did not continue onwards into Estolad, but instead dwelled in the southern reaches of Thargelion, the realm of Caranthir.

There they would live in peace for long years to come. But in the three hundred and seventy-fifth year of the First Age, a host of Orcs came down from the north, assaulting the Haladin in their homes. In the midst of the chaos, Haldan assumed command of the people. The Haladin formed a stockade between the angle of the rivers Gelion and Ascar south of Sarn Athrad.

In the coming struggle, both Haldan and his son Haldar would die, whereupon his daugther Haleth (In honour of whom the house would later be renamed) held out until Caranthir could reinforce the Edain.

Caranthir offered the Haladin a fief in his lands as a reward for their valiance. Yet, Haleth declined his offer, and led her people into the forests of Brethil. There she and her folk were permitted to dwell by Elu Thingol, upon the condition that they guard the Crossings of Teilglin.

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