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House of Bëor (Barahir's Outlaws)

The people of Ladros are hardy warriors and shepherds of the House of Bëor. They live in the mountainous land of Ladros and serve their house under the rule of Lord Boromir.

..but in Dorthonion the lorship of the people of Bëor and the country of Ladros was given to Boromir, son of Boron, who was the grandson of Bëor the Old.

Quenta Silmarillion, Of the Coming of Men into the West


Ladros is a realm of Men, upon the northern slopes of the Dorthonion Highlands. It presumably belonged to Angrod and Aegnor, and most likely functioned as a fief of their brother Finrod Felagund's kingdom.

However, later on, Finrod gave the lands to the House of Bëor, and so the first Lord of Ladros was Boromir of the House of Bëor. Due to being so close to the frontline of the Siege of Angband, Ladros has a large interest in helping defend the frontline as Ladros would be one of the first places to fall, should Morgoth ever break the siege. For that reason Ladros produces very hardy and capable warriors and started building many fortifications in the mountains of the land should the day ever come where they have to defend it. Other than being capable warriors, the people of Ladros usually heard sheep as the mountains areas of the land are not very useful for farming and cattle are too heavy to climb the more hilly areas of Ladros, whereas the sheep of Ladros are natural climbers.

However, many farms and villages can be found in the more flat areas of Ladros, while their castles can usually be found in the mountains where the surrounding land gives them a defensive advantage.


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