Angband is the capital fortress of Morgoth. It is the home of many vile and dangerous creatures, other than the orcs, such as Balrogs, wyverns, werewolves and more. The majority of the Great Fortress consists or large underground tunnels and halls.

Being freed, Morgoth gathered again all the servants he could find, and came to the ruins of Angband. There he delved anew his vast vaults and dungeons, and above their gates he reared the threefold peaks of Thangorodrim, and a great reek of dark smoke was ever wreathed about them. There countless became the hosts of his beasts and demons, and the race of orcs. Dark now fell the shadow on Beleriand, but in Angband Morgoth forged for himself a great crown of iron, and he called himself King of the World...

–The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien & Christopher Tolkien


Angband was the great fortress of Melkor Morgoth in the far north of Beleriand. Originally, Angband was an outlying fortress which served as an armoury for Morgoth's great citadel in the north - Utumno. However, after the destruction of Utumno, and Morgoth's return to Middle Earth, he chose Angband as his new capital fortress. Here, Morgoth's forces bred and multiplied, and swarmed over the world. Delved exceedingly deep, vast forges and mines were always in use here, and darkness covered the lands near it. Morgoth himself sat in the nethermost hall, with the Silmarils on his iron crown.

Despite having a large appearance on the surface, Angband was primarily and underground fortress with many tunnels, chambers and great halls lying underground. The peaks of Thangorodrim, which were just above Angband, were hollow and from them chimneys and tunnels ran down to the deepest pits of Angband. It was in the deepest pits of Angband that the surviving servants of Morgoth from the destruction of Utumno hid until their master's return.

Angband is ruled by Melkor, strongest of all the Valar in the beginning.


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On the First Age server, Angband uses Mordor's NPCs, Armor and Equipment.

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